Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I’ve settled back home after a glorious EYF – the catties have ceased showering me with affection and expressing their delight at my return, and the unpacking is done.

The view from our stranded train was quite lovely!

I’d love to start off this writeup with ‘The journey up north was uneventful… ‘ but I can’t do that.  We were on the train that was stranded for three hours  – and then spent another two hours hanging around York with an entire stand’s worth of luggage and many platform changes before we finally got onto another train. We ended up reaching Edinburgh far too late to set up the stand. Thursday evening saw me sitting on a hotel room bed trying to get as much sorting and pricing and organising done as I could (with a soothing glass of wine to hand). Friday morning was an early, early start, with just 90 minutes to get the stand up and ready for duty. And we did it! Things were more haphazard than I’d have liked, and I hadn’t time at all to tweak the layout, and we were far more tired than is ideal for the start of a hectic festival – but we made it.

The stand

The stall! Looking slightly more chaotic that I’d have liked.

Our little stand was hopping busy all weekend, and I had a wonderful time nattering to everyone who stopped by, demonstrating the use of penannular pins (video coming soon on here), and especially seeing things I’d made being worn and loved. There are few things (tabby kittens, maybe?) better than making something, sending it out into the world, and discovering that it is used and cherished.

We summoned the energy to head ceili-wards on Friday night, and the great company, dancing and food perked me right up despite a busy day on very little sleep. I may have danced more than was sensible for a tired person with a busy day ahead, and stayed rather later than I thought I’d manage.

My very restrained little yarn haul – and two of these were for someone else, at that!

Both myself and Sarah managed a quick sprint around the market on Sunday afternoon and scored a small but precious little yarny haul each. Apart from that we were pretty much chained to the stand, with occasional tea runs to sustain us, and I didn’t get to see half the festival – or take more than a handful of photographs, or pop by at least half the stalls I’d wanted to. (This isn’t a complaint at all – busy is good! – and I had a grand time behind the stall.)

Huge love to Jo and Mica both, for organising such a great event, and especially for Mica’s unflappable comforting calm as I phoned her fretfully while stranded on a train. Huge love too to all the volunteers that made it happen, the other exhibitors, and everyone who stopped by the stall.

Exciting new things

Knitters notebooks!

I took a couple of new things to EYF. There are these knitter’s notebooks and knitting journal, as well as some badges, new variations in button earrings, some great new bangles and pendants,  and little tubs of brightly coloured bulb pins.

They’ll be appearing in the shop sometime soon – they’re just waiting on me doing the proper photography.




On the needles

A big wooly jumper for wearing around the boat in winter (knitted just in time for the sun to come out and the temperature to soar, excellent timing there!)

Another cowl, because I fancied some fun indulgent (& portable) knitting last weekend, to keep me entertained on trains. And it’s nearly done – quick knits are great!

An incredibly lush grey cardigan, which just needs me to decide if I like the way the oversized button bands behave – some *sterling silver buttons* will be added if so.

Selfish knitting all ’round there!





New Blog! Same old news.

I’ve given the blog a little independence! You’ll still get all of the usual Caitin Beag news here, but a bit more craftiness too.

This year’s outings include Edinburgh Yarn Festival and Wonderwool Wales and Fibre East – and I’ll (fingers crossed) be at few more shows too.

I’m working on so many new things – if you want previews to a few of them, head over to instagram – but there’s a new needle gauge pendant, cute silver-nugget word necklaces, and several new shawlpin designs (plus repeats of some well-loved old ones).

I’m also putting together a wholesale pricelist, so if you’re a shop – or know a shop – who might want to stock some of the things I make please get in touch. I’m planning to start small and expand slowly.

And if you’re a designer, I’m introducing Button Support – like yarn support, but with ceramic buttons instead of yarn. Sample buttons for your samples and wholesale button packs to include in kits – and I can work with you to make the right button for your design. And also Shawlpin Support – if you’d like to feature my shawlpins in your photography I would love that! Email me with your requests!

On the needles:

img_20170204_151725A cowl. Again. I think this might be turning into a poncho, though.  It’s Experimental Train & Pub Knitting, and a pleasing mixture of linen stitch and a yarnovery thing. Let’s see what happens? It might be great!

img_20170203_234151_759A sweater, for lovely P, who finds he is often colder than me, and I’m sure that’s because I’m wearing wool and he’s not.  It’s a basic bottom-up raglan in West Yorkshire Spinners Jacob DK. I am onto the second sleeve, so getting there.

(also several stalled projects. sorry, stalled projects!)

Out and About

I’m gearing up for a busy summer – and autumn – as An Caitin Beag will be popping up all over the UK. Come and find us at;

I’m working on some great new things which will hopefully debut at Fibre East at the end of the month – although I’m working against an every tighter hallmarking deadline!

Would you like a preview of what’s coming?

Sock Love Stitchmarkers

Hello! I’ve added three new sets of stitchmarkers to the online store. Sparkly hammered ones are available in large and small, and there are some super-cute little heart markers too.

Plus – new stitchmarker packaging! We have lovely white heart-shaped notions tins. They’re large enough to store plenty of markers, as well as tapestry needles, buttons and pins, and all those other little knitting essentials.

Meet the Tiny Penannular Pin

I’ve just updated the shop with our new, tiny silver penannular pin. It’s just over an inch in size, and really sweet. Get yours here for just £30 – or check out a couple of action shots over on our instagram.
There are some new wearable stitchmarker holders too – a pendant and a bangle, and there are some more designs in development, too. And a special offer: use code CIRCLES to get 20% off all stitchmarker sets when you buy one of the new bangles or pendants.

New additions to Caitin Beag

So, today I’ve been taking photographs all morning, and editing and uploading them all afternoon and evening. The weather behaved, and held off with the dark gloomy skies until I had almost all the photography finished.  The cats also behaved and snoozed in the cabin all instead of trampling over my little photo set, leaving behind chaos, cat-hair and grubby little pawprints.  Thank you cats!

Added today: garnet shawl pin, peridot shawl pin, tiny penannular pin, and stitchmarker bangles and pendants! I’m particularly enamoured of the tiny penannular pin – it’s probably the simplest of the latest batch, but very sweet. I might need to snaffle one for myself.

There’s quite a bit more to come! Another two new silver shawl pins (spoiler: they are very like some that went up today – don’t get too excited), but also my lovely new ceramic shawl pins, and ceramic buttons. The little kiln’s been working overtime these last few weeks.  (sneak preview above)