Little Crochet Hook Pendants

I’ve just added little crochet hook pendants to the store. These are made of solid sterling silver, so they feel lovely and chunky, and are available as 3mm or 4mm hooks – or a set of one of each. They’re perfect for picking up stitches when you take your knitting out and about


Out and About

I’m gearing up for a busy summer – and autumn – as An Caitin Beag will be popping up all over the UK. Come and find us at;

I’m working on some great new things which will hopefully debut at Fibre East at the end of the month – although I’m working against an every tighter hallmarking deadline!

Would you like a preview of what’s coming?

Sock Love Stitchmarkers

Hello! I’ve added three new sets of stitchmarkers to the online store. Sparkly hammered ones are available in large and small, and there are some super-cute little heart markers too.

Plus – new stitchmarker packaging! We have lovely white heart-shaped notions tins. They’re large enough to store plenty of markers, as well as tapestry needles, buttons and pins, and all those other little knitting essentials.

Meet the Tiny Penannular Pin

I’ve just updated the shop with our new, tiny silver penannular pin. It’s just over an inch in size, and really sweet. Get yours here for just £30 – or check out a couple of action shots over on our instagram.
There are some new wearable stitchmarker holders too – a pendant and a bangle, and there are some more designs in development, too. And a special offer: use code CIRCLES to get 20% off all stitchmarker sets when you buy one of the new bangles or pendants.

New additions to Caitin Beag

So, today I’ve been taking photographs all morning, and editing and uploading them all afternoon and evening. The weather behaved, and held off with the dark gloomy skies until I had almost all the photography finished.  The cats also behaved and snoozed in the cabin all instead of trampling over my little photo set, leaving behind chaos, cat-hair and grubby little pawprints.  Thank you cats!

Added today: garnet shawl pin, peridot shawl pin, tiny penannular pin, and stitchmarker bangles and pendants! I’m particularly enamoured of the tiny penannular pin – it’s probably the simplest of the latest batch, but very sweet. I might need to snaffle one for myself.

There’s quite a bit more to come! Another two new silver shawl pins (spoiler: they are very like some that went up today – don’t get too excited), but also my lovely new ceramic shawl pins, and ceramic buttons. The little kiln’s been working overtime these last few weeks.  (sneak preview above)

Fresh new shawl pins added to the store….

I’ve just added a clutch of new shawl pins to the site, including this lovely amber circular pin, and a glittering peridot pin.

  Amber and silver circular pin



Amber and silver circular pin




 You can see all the new shawl pins here!

I’m also working on a couple of new products – more details soon, but there are some sneak previews appearing on instagram:


Welcome to An Caitín Beag. I make jewellery, working mostly with sterling silver. I love searching out interesting and beautiful stones to act as centrepieces.

I’m focusing on knitterly things for the moment – shawl pins as well as the prettiest, most luxurious sterling silver stitchmarkers – but I do make jewellery for humans as well as for knitting. If you’d like to have something made just for you do get in touch!

I’ll be updating here with new products and peeks at commissions, as well as behind the scenes snaps of the design and making process.