Polling Day

Where to vote

Your polling station might not be in the same place it usually is (more so this time, with it being December and hastily organised).

Your polling card will tell you where you can vote, but if you can’t find that, here’s how to find out where to vote.

You can hopefully find your polling station on This is crowdsourced, and it’s not complete. If they don’t list your polling station they will link you to your local authority, and the information should be on their site. If you can’t find it there call them up – there will be someone there to direct you to the right place.

What to bring?

Just yourself!

(and maybe a dog for #dogsatpollingstations)

  • You don’t need your polling card.
  • You don’t need ID.
  • You just need to know your name and the address you’re registered to.

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland, where you do need ID to vote.


If you have a work- or medical-related emergency that stops you getting to the polling station, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm on polling day.

You’ll need to find a proxy who can get to your polling station, and who is eligible to vote in the election. (They don’t need to be voting in the same constituency as you.)

You’ll probably also need a health care professional/ employer to support your application.

If you need an emergency proxy get in touch with your local electoral services ( will give you the link & contact details) ASAP.

Tactical Voting


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