How to stop Brexit: a crafty guide

Hello, #knittersagainstbrexit and #crochetersagainstbrexit and #sewistsagainstbrexit and all the other #folksagainstbrexit.

This is a rolling-update page to collate links and resources and actions for those of us who are looking at Boris Johnson’s No Deal Nightmare and saying, umm, NO?

Got something to add? Leave a comment or get in touch with me on Instagram (@ancaitinbeag) or via email (


UK Parliament site

(I talk a little bit about what petitions can achieve here on Instagram)

Marches and protests

Defend Democracy protests (via Another Europe is Possible) (Facebook link, find a protest near you)

Fuller list of protests

From someone on IG: ‘My MP is none other than Jacob Rees-Mogg but anyone who is local to Bristol/bath/Somerset can come down to the Crown in West Harptree BS40 6HA tonight at 7pm to protest outside Rees-Moggs house! All are welcome!’(note: this is happening Thursday 29th August)

Twitter accounts who’ll be boosting protest plans and news:

Write to your MP

Write to them is what I use when want to contact my MP.

If you’re writing, use your own words rather than a copy/paste. If you’re planning to contact your MP about prorogation, here are some things to consider;

Let your MP know that you are completely opposed to this undemocratic move. Tell them that you wholeheartedly support any attempt they make to stop it. And urge them to put party tribalism aside for the good of the country: this is more important. Ask them to put political differences aside.

  • If they’re from a remain-leaning party (Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid, SNP, the Change lot) thank them for the work they’re already doing to fight this bad Brexit.
  • If they’re a Labour MP, emphasise the party tribalism a bit more. Let them know that a caretaker government under someone other than Corbyn has your support and that we need to put the future of the country ahead of party politics. There’ll be time for that after we sort out this mess.
  • If your MP is a Tory and opposed to Brexit enough that you think they might, possibly, rebel against their own party in a confidence vote let them know that they have your full support for this. Acknowledge that they might find this a very hard thing to do and ask them to do that brave, hard thing.
  • If your MP is from the DUP, maybe point out to them that a no-deal Brexit is, paws down, the biggest threat to the union and the thing most likely to trigger a border poll and/ or a return to violence in NI. Ask them to reassess their support of the current Tory administration.
  • If your MP is Tory and likely to support Johnson, let them know that you do not agree with their stance. Ask them if this is ‘taking back control’.

If you’re not sure what your MP’s stance is, They Work For You can help you figure it out. Pop in your postcode to find your MP, and check their voting record – EU-related votes are listed under Foreign Policy & Defense.

If your fingers are still full of fire after that, @thegroucholiz has some excellent suggestions for more letterwriting:

Other people to write to

  • John Bercow, Speaker of the House
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition
  • Steven Barclay, Brexit Secretary
  • Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary
  • Any former MPs you think are sensible, especially if they’re now in the Lords.
  • Leaders of all other opposition parties
  • MEPs, who won’t be able to do anything directly, but who you can ask to add their voice against suspending parliament.
  • For those in London, your member of the London Assembly
  • Anybody in the House of Lords you think is sensible, including the Archbishops (protection of the vulnerable, not bearing false witness etc)
  • Others (who are unlikely to listen, but….)
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister
  • Speaker of the House, Jacob Rees Mogg. Worth noting that he has gone on record today saying that the recess coincides with the suspension, therefore it’s not going to loose many days. The difference is that parliamentary work can still be done during a recess, it can’t during a suspension – so he’s being disingenuous. (Although, are you surprised?)
  • Sajid Javid (Chancellor), Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health) and Michael Gove (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) all said during the leadership election that they would not support a suspension of parliament; now seems a good time to remind them of that.
  • If you write to them as MPs, they can only respond if they’re *your* MP. However, if you write to them as members of the cabinet, that’s not the case.  (Cabinet members from the government website) –


What’s it all about?

What is prorogation? (The Guardian)

Campaign Groups

These groups might be active locally to you, or organising marches & protests near you.

Also, if you’re a member of a trade union, get in touch with them to see what they’re doing.

Social Media

I’ve tagged some of my recent anti-Brexit instagram posts with #knittersagainstbrexit if you want to have a read.

From @thegroucholiz:

‘Report trolls on social media, who are pretending that suspending parliament is a good idea. Red flags are new accounts, people with only a few followers, a long string of numbers after their username, a generic or anonymous username (there seem to be a lot of Bagpusses about at the moment) and a non-human profile picture.’

To which I’d add; be ready to think critically about what you see on social media. We know how much social media manipulation influenced the referendum and I don’t for a . moment imagine that it stopped right after the vote.




(When I set this blog up I was NOT expecting it to be a political thing at all oops.)

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