Fibre East, and some fine new things

It is Fibre East next weekend and I’ll be there (in Jacob again – come say hi!). Fibre East last year was my first show ever, and I was petrified! What if I sold nothing, and sat sad and lonely in my booth all weekend? But it went amazingly.


I’m really looking forward to the return, and to see how much things have evolved over the last year. I’ve developed so many more new lovely things.

I’ve been doing a much-neglected update to the online store, and you can now buy the knitters’ notebooks and journals, as well as brand new embroidery kits and (also new) handy little cards and tags to keep track of your WIPs and scrap yarn.

I’m off on holiday – a long planned train and boat adventure around Sweden, Denmark and Norway – for three long lovely weeks in August. So orders after the 7th of August will get shipped out at the start of September. I have been planning my holiday knitting for months, and I still don’t know what I’m bringing! (I might have to do a Sunday afternoon sweep around Fibre East for inspiration & acquisition!)

On the needles: not so much! The start of a sweater that I’m still not sure about and I think I’ll end up ripping back and finding a less fluffy yarn for – I am picturing loose and drapey but the yarn has aspirations towards lofty and fluffy.

Fresh off the needles, though – we have two recent stars!

Election Shawl

I stood for ParliamentĀ for the Green Party, which was fascinating and exhausting and amazing and terrifying in roughly equal measures. I needed some easy knitting to see me through the campaign. I cast on this shawl shortly after the election was announced, and cast off a few days before polling day.


I refrained from knitting during hustings, but it came along with me to meetings and gatherings and radio stations, and it gave me essential little patches of downtime when I needed them most. (It also came to the cricket at Lords, when Ireland generously let England win.)

It’s a simple crescent shawl, mostly stocking stitch with some moss stitch stripes and a picot edge, and knitted in Dye Ninja’s Battle Hymn of the Republic and Easyknits‘ Dark Nebula set. It’s gotten loads of compliments, but I’m sure the stars of the show are the yarns – such amazing colours and glorious squishiness!

Gradient Cardigan

Last year at Fibre East I picked up a gradient pack and a fine fat skein from Woosheeps, planning a cardigan, and I had a self imposed deadline of this year’s Fibre East for completion. I am SO nearly there – I have found the right buttons (enamelled metal, v cute!) and just need to sew them on and graft the arms. (At some point I need to make Pocket Decisions.) This one doesn’t have the same sense of occasion as the Election Shawl – the poor cardie pretty much got abandoned in favour of something not requiring DPNs and counting and any brain at all.

I’m really pleased with it, though! The steek was a bit fretful – the yarn is superwash, so I double-reinforced it with blanket stitch in two differently-felty yarns from the scrap bag, and it is so far holding up just grand. (Why yes I have been wearing the buttonless, ungrafted cardigan around the boat. It’s just to … check the fit? The cats don’t judge me! They just sit on my knitting.)